Elena Korolkova

Elena Korolkova is a world champion in make-up, a professional make-up artist, beauty expert, founder of a personal brand of professional make-up and face care cosmetics, which has been successfully developing since 2003.

Today the KOROLKOVA® brand holds a leading position in the beauty industry in the market for the high-quality face care and decorative cosmetics with a scientific approach. The successful growth of our brand is based on scientific knowledge in the field of proper skin care and in the field of makeup on the one hand. And, on the other hand, thanks to a deep dive into the physical and chemical foundations of the proper operation of cosmetic ingredients and products on different/various layers of the skin.



Such success was made possible thanks to a long journey. On this journey, a huge amount of time and energy has been spent on the development, testing/ tests of new (cosmetic) formulas of cosmetics, on training new specialists in the beauty industry. Throughout the (whole) work, my personal values and philosophy crystallized and were taken as a basis. The main principles of my life and the work of my brand are as follows:

— conscious approach to beauty and health;
— scientific method;
— creativity;
— continuous accumulation of experience;
— natural beauty and eco-friendly business for women.

These values cut across all of my activities: the cosmetic brand KOROLKOVA®, online courses for professional makeup artists and other educational programs. These same ideas are outlined in my book «PRO MAKEUP The first Makeup Textbook», where I detail not only the principles of correct application of cosmetics, but also the history and philosophy of this art. 


  • Beauty-expert of the international level;

  • Professional stylist and makeup artist;

  • World champion in makeup and body art;

  • Creator of a brand of professional cosmetics with a scientific approach;

  • Author of the professional textbook for make-up artists «Pro MakeUp» and the online course

  • More than 17 years of experience in the field of makeup and makeup artist training;

  • Member of the Russian team in decorative cosmetics and hairdressing.

In the (sphere) field of beauty, Elena received the following qualifications:

✓ Professional makeup artist;
✓ Body art master;
✓ Hair stylist;
✓ Universal hairdresser;
✓ Colorist

Competitions and championships

Career was not limited to education and successful practice.

Elena received incredible experience and intensive professional development having gone all the way from the winner of the Siberian Championship to the gold medalist (gold-medal winner) at the World and European Championships in Milan, Seoul, Yekaterinburg.


Achievements and Titles

  • Master of international class (OMC) in decorative cosmetics and hairdressing;

  • Member of the Russian national makeup and body art team;

  • Certified judge of the international category (OMC) for decorative cosmetics in the section “Aesthetics”;

  • World and European champion in make-up and body art OMC – Organization Mondiale Coiffure (OMC)




Absolute champion of the city of Novosibirsk in hairdressing and decorative cosmetics competition.

— 1st place in the nomination "Fantasy make-up with elements of body art"
— 1st place in the “Catwalk Makeup category”
— 1st place in the overall standings


Novosibirsk. Two-time silver medalist of the championship of Siberia.

— 2nd place in the nomination "Fantasy make-up with elements of body art"
— 3rd place in the nomination "Catwalk (Runway) make-up"
— 2nd place in the overall standings


Moscow. Diploma winner and prize-winner of the championship of Russia.


St. Petersburg. European Championship medalist (OMC)


Novosibirsk. Silver medalist of the championship of Siberia.


Italy, Milan. Diploma winner and prize-winner of the World Championship (OMC)

— 6th place in the individual competition
— 2nd place in the team standings


Yekaterinburg. European Champion in Makeup and Hairdressing (OMC)

— 4th place in the nomination "Wedding makeup"
— 2nd place in the nomination "Catwalk make-up"
— 3rd place in the nomination "Body Art"
— 1st place in the overall standings


Paris. Silver medalist of the European Championship in decorative cosmetics and hairdressing (OMC)


Seoul. World Championship in decorative cosmetics and hairdressing (OMC)

— Silver medal in the nomination "Bridal makeup"
— Bronze medal in the nomination «Stage makeup»
— Gold medal in the overall standings

Family and private life

I draw vital energy for brand development and educational activities in family life from communication with children and my husband. Of great importance is the creation of your personal space for creativity and self-development.

You can draw a parallel between business and family life – business and family need to be built with love and care. And you need to do it with full dedication. Only this approach allows you to create worthy (dignified, respectable) products in the beauty industry and raise good children who will become worthy members of society.

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